Maternity Care

Emily's Babycare and Sun and Snow Childcare can provide care for all ages, and Emily's Babycare are here to look after your little ones. Newborns are our speciality, we can help you with your little one (and older children) during those first few months. Take a look at our available packages below or get in contact to discuss the kind of support you are looking for. To find out more about Emily's experience see here and check out feedback from previous families here.

Maternity Care Packages

Here is a quick look at some of the options available. Sun and Snow Childcare are flexible in the services provided so if you don't see what you are looking for or you would like a tailored service to suit you then please get in contact to have a chat.

24 hour Maternity Care

Live in support night and day from your maternity nurse. Whether you need support with your first baby to help you learn the ropes or whether you need an extra pair of hands with your multiples. Whatever the reason we can help you to look after your newborn. 24 hour care gives you flexibility to sleep through the night if required or have a lie in or nap if needed. Maybe you have older children that need your attention too. 24 hour maternity nurse care can give you time for you, the rest of your family, friends or your job.

Nightly Maternity Nurse

A nightly maternity nurse can help you to get through those hard hours. Depending on mums requirements they are able to feed and settle baby throughout the night using expressed milk or formula or they can deliver baby to you for feeding and then take over again to settle baby back to sleep allowing you the best chance to recover after birth and get some sleep at nights so you can be on top form during the day.

Daily Maternity Nurse

A daily maternity nurse package can give you that extra support and flexibility. Help while your partner is at work during the day is especially popular with multiple babies or those that have older children. The maternity nurse takes on the role of looking after baby and supporting you to achieve what you need to. Usually available as 10 or 12 hour days but as with all of the Sun and Snow Childcare packages this is flexible depending on your needs.


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